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These are pictures which provide a perfect example of a car that makes absolutely no sense to do a frame off or rotisserie restoration. Photos clearly show the nice corrosion free California body with which we started. Rockers are exposed to show perfect bare metal. Undercarriage photos show excellent frame and floors and the suspension had already been updated. The undercoating looks to have been applied when the challenger was new. Quarter panels showed previous repair likely, impact damage as opposed to rust. Existing paint, when we acquired the car, was many years old with some being original. We determined that there would be little benefit to investing an additional 300 hours into fixing what “ain’t broken” Instead, 3 weeks of hard work went into bringing the Challenger into a showable driver. Everything you see, touch, hear or drive is excellent. The under carriage on this nearly 40 year old car will still look like this in another 40 years.

1973 Dodge Challenger 440 5 Speed

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