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I purchased this car in November 2010, after it was featured on my favourite site "Bring a Trailer". Basically, an Arizona car, the vehicle had amazingly dry sheet metal with only a few minor dings, and it was a manual shift Poly B. The poo brown Fury ended up being an original red car,which is the way these super stockers look best. We already had a new 500 stroker sitting here waiting so what ?? Strip it, paint it and Bob's your uncle (with apologies to "Jason").6 months max easy peasy !

Yeah well,the "while we're at it's" killed us, as they are prone to do, somewhere along the lines ,I had a vision of an elephant. The car awaits a 572 C.I.D. 750 hp pump gas HEMI from "for Hemis Only" .

Hey Tim,where is my engine ?

Will this one be finished in 2015 ?

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

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