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About Mainly Muscle

Mainly Muscle was born as an answer to the question – what the heck am I going to do with all these cars? I have a passion for searching for really cool cars coupled with just enough general knowledge and fortunately, the “where with all” to be able to live the car guys dream. I enjoy buying, restoring, racing and showing, basically all aspects of the hobby.

I go more for the "look" of a car. More often than not, it is the colour combination or the stance of the car that turns my crank.

I LOVE RESTOMODS, a car with old school looks coupled with more modern driveability is the ultimate. If I bought a Chevelle in 1970 what is the first thing I would have done? Add custom wheels, tires and exhaust to personalize my car. I still like them that way.

2006 may go down in history as the year that the value of muscle cars peaked. The Hemis and the Ray Allen Chevelle for $1,200,000.00 at Barrett Jackson may never be repeated and that’s a good thing (addendum Sept 2009: the same Chevelle sold in Sept 2009 for $286,000.00 at the icons of Speed & Style auction in California). The value of a good car is not created by a couple of ego maniacs on TV. The value is in the answer to the question – how much does it cost to build? In very broad terms think 1000 hours at $75.00/ hr plus parts plus the cost of the car. If you start with a rust bucket 1000 hours won’t do it.

Viewing is by appointment to qualified customers only and test drives are on a “subject to” basis only after a sales contact has been executed. We will not spend very much time debating values, numbers, or codes nor will we entertain a whole lot of historical discussions on the cars that you once owned. Our cars are wonderful tokens of the past but our conversations will positively be about what’s going to happen next.

Sometimes I think I have bring an orphan puppy home syndrome. I feel like I need to rescue all the unloved but basically solid muscle cars. On the other hand I cannot understand why everything needs to be a frame-off restoration to trailer queen standards. It seems that the higher the level of restoration the fewer miles the car will be driven and that’s a shame! We have done and will continue to do frame offs but only when it makes sense on higher end cars. Our floor-up restorations look and drive just as well and will last just as long. They just won’t bass the Barrett Jackson chassis cam test. Trailer queens have their place. For example our 3200 original mile Pantera needs to survive as the benchmark to restore others.

Our goal is to take a good car and make it a great car. We really wouldn’t bother starting on anything less than a “4” and our aim is to turn it into an “8”. The final 8.5 to 10 concours level cars are someone else’s thing. If we can rescue a 4 or 5 and improve and upgrade it to an 8, we have achieved our goal and felt a sense of satisfaction that money can’t buy.

Unfortunately, you simply can’t keep them all, and as a result we generally have really nice, driveable muscle cars for sale. “Cruise ‘em or Lose ‘em.

Thank you for your interest in Mainly Muscle the revolving muscle car collection.

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